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Tuition is set on a sliding scale that operates on the honor system, which means that students decide which tier they can afford. To be honest, this is an experiment. Our hope is to offer reduced tuition to some students that might otherwise take the form of something like scholarships or financial aid. But instead of us defining criteria that conform to our own definition of “need” (maybe we get it right, maybe we don’t), we want you, the student, to make that determination. It’s your choice, on your terms.

In order for this to work, not everyone can pay only the lowest tier. If that happened, Practica would eventually be underfunded and unable to continue. If you have the means to select Tiers 1 or 2, we encourage you to do so. Not only will you be helping Practica become a sustainable platform, but you’ll also be helping others access a unique educational experience.

No matter which tier you choose, the program is exactly the same, and your choice of tier will be kept strictly confidential. And because you’ll only formally select a tier once you’ve been accepted into the program, your choice will not affect your application in any way. We probably won’t eradicate injustice with our sliding scale, but maybe we can help one another out a little bit in the meantime.

Fees are stated in US dollars. All payments are nonrefundable. If the program is canceled for any reason by Practica, payments made up to the point of cancellation will be fully refunded.

Work study program

Beyond our sliding scale, we also have a work study position for a person with demonstrated need. Instead of paying tuition, the work study works 1 to 3 hours per week for the duration of the program. In other words, they pay no fees or tuition but instead pay for their studies through a work exchange. There is only one work study position available per edition.

The person selected will work directly with the lead instructors and meet with them briefly once a week after class. Duties include basic administrative tasks like uploading videos, communicating with visiting instructors, or preparing social media posts. A good grasp of English is helpful in this position.

To apply

Once applications open, follow all the steps of the application as normal. When filling out the online application form, indicate your desire to apply for the work study position and answer the questions that come up.

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