Visiting Instructors

Maria Doreuli

Visiting Lecturer

Maria was born and raised in Moscow. Her interest in fine art and graphic design led her to Moscow State University of Printing, where she gained an appreciation for typography and type design. Under the guidance of Alexander Tarbeev, she designed her graduation project William (published at Typotheque in 2016). In 2012, she was accepted to the Type and Media course in The Hague; her time there culminated in her graduation project Chimera. Since then, Maria has believed in the power of emotion and working with passion. She founded the independent studio Contrast Foundry in 2014. Craving new challenges, Maria relocated to San Francisco in 2018 and now works with her colleagues in Moscow from across the ocean. Maria’s work has received many prestigious awards from the Type Directors Club, the ADC, Letter.2, and Morisawa, among others.

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James Edmondson

Visiting Lecturer

James is a type designer based in Oakland, California. He studied graphic design at California College of the Arts, and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art’s TypeMedia program in the Netherlands. Through his foundry OH no Type Co., he creates custom and retail typefaces. In 2018, James co-founded Future Fonts, a platform for distributing fonts in-progress. James teaches type design in the Extended Program at Type West and occasional workshops here and there.

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Krista Radoeva

Visiting Lecturer

Krista is an independent type designer and typographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She makes fonts in Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Krista holds a MA from the Type and Media course in The Hague. For 5 years she was part of Fontsmith in London, developing custom fonts for some big brands. Since the beginning of 2020, Krista has been a freelancer, collaborating with international foundries and design agencies, as well as teaching Cyrillic and working towards setting up her own studio.

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Aleksandra Samuļenkova

Visiting Lecturer

Aleksandra is a Latvian-born type designer based in the Netherlands. She graduated from the TypeMedia master program at KABK in The Hague. Her award-winning typeface Pilot is among the few contemporary type designs to be cast in metal. For several years, Aleksandra worked as a type designer at LucasFonts in Berlin; after that, moved to the Netherlands, where she pursued independent projects and joined Bold Monday to work on Cyrillic and Greek extensions of the IBM Plex type family.

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Kristyan Sarkis

Visiting Lecturer

Kristyan is a type designer and lettering artist, born in Beirut and based in Amsterdam. He has co-founded TPTQ Arabic type foundry, Arabic Type Design — Beirut, the first international educational program of its kind and the Arabic Lettering Workshops traveling series. He currently teaches at the Type]Media master program. His work received several awards including the Type Directors Club’s Certificate of Typographic Excellence, ATypI’s Letter.2, and the European Design Award.

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Sara Soskolne

Visiting Critic

Sara is Senior Typeface Designer at Hoefler & Co. A reformed bookworm, her deepest inspiration as a designer is the experience of reading, and her abiding interest is in creating typefaces that not only serve, but enrich, that experience. Since joining H&Co in 2005, Sara has contributed to the design of many font families and parts thereof — including Verlag, Chronicle, Gotham, Tungsten, Idlewild, Numbers, Sentinel, Quarto, Ringside, and most recently Decimal. Sara was also one of the founding instructors of the Type@Cooper Condensed certificate program.

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