Visiting Instructors

Thierry Blancpain

Visiting Lecturer

Thierry co-founded Grilli Type while studying at the University of the Arts Bern in Switzerland. In order of preference he loves his daughter, his dog, and cooking. When not being busy with one of those three, he also likes to read Wikipedia articles about the Spanish Inquisition or the Oregon Trail. He moved to New York City in 2016.

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Minjoo Ham

Visiting Lecturer

Minjoo is a type designer and a half of Hypertype foundry. She completed the TypeMedia master course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, concentrating on Latin and Hangul double-script. Since then, she produces multiscript font families for multiscript font projects.

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Cyrus Highsmith

Visiting Critic

Cyrus Highsmith is a letter drawer, teacher, author, and graphic artist. He teaches type design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He wrote and illustrated the acclaimed primer Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals. In 2015, he received the Gerrit Noordzij Prize for extraordinary contributions to the fields of type design, typography, and type education. In 2017, he and his foundry, Occupant Fonts, joined Morisawa to be the Japanese type company’s Latin alphabet counterpart.

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Aleksandra Samuļenkova

Visiting Lecturer

Aleksandra is a Latvian-born type designer based in the Netherlands. She graduated from the TypeMedia master program at KABK in The Hague. Her award-winning typeface Pilot is among the few contemporary type designs to be cast in metal. For several years, Aleksandra worked as a type designer at LucasFonts in Berlin; after that, moved to the Netherlands, where she pursued independent projects and joined Bold Monday to work on Cyrillic and Greek extensions of the IBM Plex type family.

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Sara Soskolne

Visiting Lecturer

Sara is Senior Typeface Designer at Hoefler & Co. A reformed bookworm, her deepest inspiration as a designer is the experience of reading, and her abiding interest is in creating typefaces that not only serve, but enrich, that experience. Since joining H&Co in 2005, Sara has contributed to the design of many font families and parts thereof — including Verlag, Chronicle, Gotham, Tungsten, Idlewild, Numbers, Sentinel, Quarto, Ringside, and most recently Decimal. Sara was also one of the founding instructors of the Type@Cooper Condensed certificate program.

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Special guests

Rutherford Craze, Mass-Driver
Maria Doreuli, Contrast Foundry
Colin M. Ford, OH no Type Co.
Tré Seals, Vocal Type

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